Growth and development of Bingo Online – From the moment of their Birth to Growth

The actual origin of Bingo dates can be traced back to the mid of 16th century. Those days the French, having a huge passion for “Le Lotto” adopted their version of the game which was strikingly similar to today’s version of Bingo.

For many years now, traditional bingo has been a popular pastime across the globe. It has become a reunion place for family, friends and also helps us meet new people in a very friendly environment. To much of our surprise, you must know that there are over 60 million bingo players worldwide with majority of the women located in North America.

Traditional bingo generation has evolved very much over the years to establish itself on the internet that is Online Bingo. In the year 2000, Bingo was a very small industry compared to its popularity today. However, Online Bingo was poised for a boom and has gained much popularity in the last six years. The main reason behind its proliferation is the world’s ever increasing familiarity with the internet.

You must be wondering how online bingo can beat the level of satisfaction given by the game that is played with family and friends in a traditional bingo hall. According to a survey conducted by a popular online bingo portal, the reason which topped behind people playing bingo online was the chance to meet new people.

Online Bingo’s Ever-growing Popularity

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to manage multiple bingo cards when you play the game in traditional bingo hall that is full of smoke and maybe having crowd that is noisy. Some of the players strive hard to get into the bingo hall or do not have the time to go to the hall at all. Apart from this, there are other factors too that urge people to keep away from bingo halls and play the game from their respective home with comfort and pleasure. This will be beneficial to the people as they won’t be facing the crowd and can be safe from the smoke too.

1) Social networking: More than one player can play the same game at the same time. Online bingo, being a multiplayer game involves people from different parts of the world. Socializing with friends will be possible and you can find new friends too and maybe form a community with just a click from the mouse. The provision of chat rooms has helped online bingo in gaining more popularity. Males, females, young ones and the old can enjoy hours of chatting and fun.

2) Convenience: Some people may find it tough to get into a bingo hall. Family, job, weather or health problems are some of the reasons which stop people from going to a bingo hall. Online bingo is especially suitable for such kind of people. You won’t find any difference between the people you meet in live bingo parlor and online bingo.

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