The Fame Of SBOBET Indonesia

In the betting world, a bookmaker is someone who takes bets and maintains a book of it. An online bookmaker has the same job, but the only difference is users place the bet, through a website. SBOBET Indonesia is one of the most famous online bookmaker sites and, here you are going to find everything about it.

Online bookmaker

The website was founded in 2004 and, at present, it is operated in multiple languages throughout Asia and Europe. It offers poker, financial betting and online betting on several sports. Although, the financial betting sector was added in 2014 and, it was a partnership project.SBOBET Indonesia sponsored several major football teams all over the world. It was the main sponsor for the first-ever Soccerex Asian Forum that was held in Singapore.

Achievements and controversies

The website won the award for the Asian Operator of the Year for two consecutive years in 2009-2010. According to eGaming Review Magazine, this website ranked 11 in Power 50 among 50 other influential operators. Any famous business entity or individual faces controversies and SBOBET is no different. The website constantly got involved in several controversies throughout the years.

First, it started in 2008 when the company got involved in the likely match-fixing scandal between Derby County and Norwich City of the Football Association championship. Next, it happened in 2009, back to back in September and October. They were accused of being involved in a match-fixing by two news agencies based in Bulgaria and then got criticised by the Premier League’s representatives for offering a live betting opportunity on the academy football games.

Why is the website so famous?

Besides being the sponsor of the top football teams and winning a renowned award, it provides quality service to its users. Hence, making them go back for more. SBOBET is one of the major global betting empires. It expanded all over Asia and Europe soon after it was founded. The main reason behind its huge success is the fact that the website offers legal betting. Thus, providing a form of safety to the users.

Moreover, soccer is, after all a global phenomenon, more than a million people watch soccer and, among those viewers some places their bet on the website. Since they managed to attract the biggest fanbase in the world, it was extremely easy for them to reach success.

The company not only caters to the football fans but fans of various sports. Basketball, shooting, racing and what not? And for the ones who are not interested in sports betting, they can try out financial betting or play the same old poker.

If you are looking for a trusted online bookmaker site, then you know where to go now. Experience all kind of legal sports betting with just one click. Their login process is very simple and you can either check them through their official link or download their, which is supported in both Android and IOS. Spare no more time and place your bets.

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